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As an administrator, to get an impression of the overall activities Scense executes, it is possible to use the Monitor function Scense Explorer offers.
This monitor obtains its data from the Scense Community service, which receives data from Scense Engine.


To use the monitor Scense Explorer must be set to the ‘Expert Mode’, which is only possible when the user of Scense Explorer has administrator rights.

The server components Scense Engine and Scense Repository continuously provide the Scense Community service with information. The Community service keeps ‘performance counters’ of this information.

When the monitor function is activated, Scense Explorer requests these counters every time after a set interval.

By marking the different counters these can be added to the chart.
The maximum number of counters a chart can contain is 10.

By double-clicking a counter the icon of the counter ‘focuses’, causing every new request (of the function the counter represents) to be displayed in the details window.


The activity chart provides a clear image of the overall activity of the Scense system. The height of the peeks indicates the number of Scense tasks that were processed simultaneously per second.


The details window ‘Activity’ displays the overall activity on a very detailed level.
To display these details, you have to deliberately activate it, since this extensive monitoring causes an extra load on the Scense Community service.
There may be too much traffic of messages which overflows the details window with detail lines. Therefore, only select the counters that are of interest.