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Scense License

Master License

The Master License determines the restrictions for the other license types.

Scense supports two types of Master Licenses:

  • Standard
    Regular use, Master License restrictions apply
  • Evaluation
    60 days regular use, Master License restrictions apply

A Master License must be imported into a Scense system within 14 days. After this term the Master License will be no longer valid.

An imported Master License remains valid, unless it is an evaluation license.

A new version of a Master License can be imported over an existing one. In this case the new restrictions and features will be merged with the existing situation.

Client License.

A Client License entitles the use of 1 Scense Client on 1 workstation.

Console License.

A Console License entitles the use of 1 Scense Explorer on 1 workstation.

Service License.


Terminal Server.

In case the Client software is used on a terminal server, a Client License will be registered for every unique client on the terminal server.

License expiration.

A time stamp is embedded in the license at the moment of registration.

When the license registration is refreshed, the time stamp will be updated.

Licenses with a time stamp older than 7 days will be removed from the license collection. This mechanism ensures licenses are not unnecessarily reserved for workstations that are not in use for longer periods of time.

Licensed Features.

The Scense system is a modular system, meaning it is possible to choose what components you do and do not want to license. Scense Explorer provides a list of features that are available within your Master License.

License management

Master License import.

As long as the Master License has not been saved in the database, Scense Explorer will ask for a Master License directly after startup.

Normally the master license will be automatically imported by the Scense Setup wizard.

But it is also possible to refresh a Master License with Scense Explorer, resulting in new features and/or restrictions.

By selecting the ‘Licenses’ folder within Scense Explorer, the task ‘Import Master License’ becomes available.

Removing Licenses.

Except for the Master License, licenses can be removed any time you like. This can be necessary e.g. when a limit is reached and some licenses have to be released immediately.


Never remove a license with database manipulation tools. This will not free any licenses, and you may even need to import a new Master License.

Never change the contents of a Master License with database manipulation tools. This will probably invalidate the master license and cause the Scense system to stop functioning.