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Just like an Application object the Printer object hosts a TaskSet.
By default this TaskSet has a Logon- and a Logoff session event.
In the Logon session event a Printer connect actions is added by default and in the Logoff session event a disconnect action is created (but not activated).
This will make sure that the Printer is actually assigned to the user if the Scope ‘is true’.

The ‘Connect Printer’ action uses the %PrinterDefaultUNC% variable to represent the Printer UNC path as defined in the Printer property page.This way the Printer action became generic and any changes in the Printer property page will be supported by the underlying structure and actions.

It’s recommended not to use the ‘Set as Default Printer’ checkbox on printer actions underneath a Printer object, as they can disrupt the location based default printer settings.

The disconnect Printer Action in the Logoff session event is inactive by default, but it can be activated at will.
Please note that disconnecting a printer at logoff will take time and it will also slowdown the printer connect at the next logon.