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Scense Easy Delivery

Application Delivery

Scense Easy Delivery is a tool especially designed for fast application delivery requiring minimal information.
With Scense Easy Delivery an administrator will select an application package, assign it to a group and let Scense create the application and runtime structures necessary for delivering the application to the group of users.
After Scense Easy Delivery has finished processing an application package, the application will immediately be available for the end-users.

Using Scense Easy Delivery.

Scense Easy Delivery can be started from the start menu. The main window appears and you are ready to browse for an application package.

Clicking the ‘unassigned’ link will pop up the standard active directory browser, so you can browse for the group to which the application should be assigned.

Simply click OK and Scense will start processing the package. Scense will examine the package and create the application accordingly.

Supported Application Types.

Scense Easy Delivery can handle several different application types:

  • Windows Installer
  • Symantec SWV Virtual Layers
  • Microsoft App-V 4.x and 5
  • Vmware ThinApp

With App-V 4.x packages, Scense Easy Delivery will check if an App-V server is configured.
If a server is configured Scense will create the necessary application objects on both the App-V server and the Scense server, where the administrator can manage the App-V application from Scense Explorer. Scense will automatically replicate changes to the App-V server.

Because of the way Virtual Layer applications are packaged, you need to have administrative privileges in order to let Scense examine these packages.

File Type Associations.

Scense Easy Delivery will examine the application package and if File Type Associations (FTA’s) are discovered then Scense Easy Delivery will create the appropriate Document Actions for them.
Please note that these FTA’s might interfere with existing FTA’s for other applications.
Therefore it’s recommended to check for FTA conflicts for each new application before releasing the application to the users.

Command Line Interface.

Scense Easy Delivery supports a command line interface (CLI) that makes it possible to use Easy Delivery in command files.

This is the supported syntax:

ScenseADWCmd {/P[ackageFile] = }
             [/D[omain] = |*AnyDomain]
             [/G[roup] = ]
             [/H[elp]] [/?]