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Configure Metering for Applications

After installation the software metering subsystem is ready for metering any application, but by default the Scense Application Monitoring service will only handle applications for which software metering was enabled by the administrator.

To enable metering for an application, the application should be located and opened in Scense Explorer. The property sheet will include the ‘Monitoring’ page.

To enable Software Metering for an application, the ‘Enable monitoring for this application’ box should be checked, as well as the ‘Enable software metering’ checkbox.For administration purposes the license method and the number of purchased licenses can be set.

The number of purchased licenses will be shown in some of the reports in the Report Viewer.

If the ‘Monitoring required’ box is checked, Scense will verify if the Application Monitor service is running before starting the application.
If the service is not running, the application will not be started.

Just like Scense Live Profiles the Software Metering subsystem needs to determine to which Application object a program file belongs. The program-to-application mapping works equally for Live Profiles and the Application Monitor.

After configuring the application, the Scense Application Monitoring service will automatically start monitoring this application. It can, however, take some time before the Application Monitoring service updates its metering data.