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Engine Performance Counters

Next to the Scense Diagnostic Tool there is another way to monitor the Scense Engine activity using Windows performance counters.
These performance counters enable remote monitoring and trend analysis with the Windows Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe).

In the Performance Monitor the Scense Engine counters can be added by clicking the button in the toolbar.
A new window will open in which you can open the performance counters on the Scense Server

The Scense Engine offers these performance objects:

  • Method average elapsed time, msShows the average elapsed time in miliseconds
  • Method call countCounts the number of method calls
  • Method current elapsed time, msShows the current elapsed time in miliseconds
  • Method call exceptions
  • Method call / secshows the number of method calls per second
  • Method total elapsed time, msShows the cumulated elapsed time in miliseconds

Each performance object can deliver these performance counters:

  • _TotalShows the total of all Methods
  • <All instances>Adds all methods to the monitor
  • Method nameShows the counter for a specific method

You can add all or just one performance counter to the monitor.

After adding several counters to the monitor you can start analyzing the Scense Engine performance in real time:

With the Windows Performance Monitor it is also possible to do trend analysis and long term monitoring using Data Collectors and Reports:

Another helpful feature of the Windows Performance Monitor is the performance counter alert.

By creating a Data Collector for alerting and specifying a threshold for a specific counter, you can start a task when the specified counter crosses the threshold.