Scense or worXpace

Cloud-first or On-premises first?

The choice is yours

Manage your business computers from your own data center with Scense, or manage your devices from the cloud with worXpace.
Which approach suits you best?


Cloud-first or rather On-Premises

With the introduction of our new product worXpace, you have the opportunity to strategically align your workspace management choice with your IT vision. Whether you have made the choice to go cloud-first with your management, or if you are very comfortable with your on-premises management, our flexible workspace management solutions are ready for you.


Scense is based in your own data center, from which it serves your office computers, with options to also operate workplaces over the internet.

WorXpace is based in the cloud and from there it serves all your devices worldwide, with options to manage your office workstations as well.

Depending on your company policy, topography, way of working, mobility, and preference, either Scense or worXpace will be the best fit for you.

A good match

Scense and worXpace are both Workspace Management systems, built with the same vision, but with a completely different starting point. The selected topics on the comparison sheet show that, as expected, there is a lot of overlap in functionality, but the emphasis is slightly different.

If you mainly use a Windows Active Directory domain and most of your people work in the office, then the rich functionality of Scense might suit you very well. Scense runs in your own data center or server room on your own servers and serves your end users very quickly over your company network.

If Azure AD is your most important directory service or if there are many people in your organization who mainly work from home or elsewhere, worXpace may be a better fit.

Scense has good facilities and options for BYOD, but it may be that the support for user owned devices from worXpace appeals to you more.

Do not hesitate to let one of our specialists advise you based on your specific situation and wishes.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the latest Windows versions, Scense also supports legacy versions, such as Windows 7.
WorXpace, on the other hand, requires at least 64-bit Windows 10 to function properly.


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