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Be more productive

Appixoft Workspace Management products help you overcome limitations and be more productive, in the office, at home, anywhere.


Workspace Management

Everything under control

Manage the Workspace

Appixoft Workspace Management products offer you excellent functionality to optimize the user experience and ensure that users always have access to their applications, data and settings.

We believe that a Workspace Management system should be able to offer a seemingly tailor-made solution for each individual, focusing not only on the delivery of the application, but everything that comes with it.

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Application eXperience

Change is good, choice is better

With changing times come changes in the way we work.
Where Scense helps customers on-premises to automate and manage their workspaces, worXpace helps customers who want to go cloud-first with their organization.

Depending on your company policy, topography, way of working, mobility, and preference, either Scense or worXpace will be the best fit for you.


WorXpace is based in the cloud and from there it serves all your devices worldwide and at the office.

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Scense is based in your own data center, from which it serves your office computers, with options to also operate workplaces over the internet.

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Be Productive

When we talk about productivity, it’s not just about the end user. It is certainly also about the IT administrator who has the (often underestimated) job of making everyone happy when it comes to working with company or user-owned devices.

Be Unique

Although there are many similarities in how people experience their computer use, in the end it remains very personal.
We believe it is important that people can have their own way of working, without being hindered by management tools.

Be of Service

There are many ways to get the right applications to the right people, and we’ve made sure you can deliver each application in the way that fits the application and how it’s used.

Be in Control

Up to this point, the focus has been on pleasing the end users, at the same time it is equally important that certain rules are enforceable and access to applications is only granted to the right people at the right time in the right location, etc.
We give you the tools to be in complete control.

Your choice

Manage your business computers from your own data center with Scense, or manage your devices from the cloud with worXpace.
Which approach suits you best?

Workspace Management

Workspace management is the fine art of creating the perfect digital workplace that enables people to be productive in an intuitive way.
Though implemented differently, both Scense and worXpace deliver unparalleled flexibility.
An extensive choice of events, actions, conditions and variables, not only allow applications to run smoothly, but also enable connection of the correct printers and network drives, configuration of the registry, file system operations, etc.

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Application Delivery

Although Software Distribution and Application Delivery are often used interchangeably, they are actually two different disciplines.

Software Distribution is the process of distributing and installing software on selected computers.

Application Delivery ensures that an application is made available to the right people, so that they can use it if they wish. It goes without saying that Software Distribution is an (optional) part of Application Delivery.

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Service Point

Different people prefer different apps and it’s virtually impossible to create a desktop with exactly the right apps for everyone.

So why not let users pick their favorite apps themselves?

The Service Point is nothing short of a real-time corporate app store where your users can get their apps of choice.

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Real-time Management

One of the factors that distinguish Appixoft workspace management is its real-time nature. Real-time management gives the opportunity to react immediately to all kinds of situations, so that everything is immediately available. Whether it’s an application or a bug fix or a minor glitch that needs to be fixed. Realtime Management, although implemented differently, truly empowers both Scense and worXpace.

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