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Being able to manage IT operations from a web browser, location independent, has been common for quite some time now. What is not yet very common is that you quickly forget that you are working with a web-application instead of a locally installed management tool. With our worXpace Desktop Bridge you can even browse files, folders, registry items, Active Directory groups and OUs, etc, on your own computer or network, from the browser, securely.
WorXpace provides a rich and responsive browser-based user interface that lets you manage your tasks and applications with ease .


Real-time Management

WorXpace real-time management is not just about the user interface, but about the whole way of managing your IT-environment. It includes the speed at which you can add applications to your worXpace as well as the speed at which changes are delivered to the workstations and the performance of the runtime system on workstations.
WorXpace lets you manage your IT environment here and now, in real-time…


Visual analysis of parallel tasks

Gone are the days when a computer could only do one thing at a time. Nowadays, computers might have multiple processors with multiple cores with multiple threads, making it possible for a lot of things to happen at the same time.
WorXpace’s multi-threaded runtime system makes good use of this, allowing tasks to be performed simultaneously and quickly.
However, there’s a downside… As an admin you might like to see exactly what happened on a workstation, and a chronological log is most likely unusable because there’s neither rhyme nor reason to it. That’s why worXpace has an analysis feature where you can find the runtime sessions and view them in understandable ways.

The image to the right shows how multiple tasks are performed in the span of a second.

Log View
The log view shows an traditional log where everything that belongs together is also listed together, but not necessarily chronologically.

The timeline shows a graphical representation of how the tasks were performed chronologically. This view shows at a glance which tasks were running simultaneously and how the timing was between different tasks. In this way, you might e.g. find out that you’re trying to use a file before it has been downloaded and some form of synchronization is in order.


Access management

When a computer is used by several people with different roles in the organization, they may not all have access to the same applications. With worXpace you can assign applications to (groups of) users and worXpace ensures that those applications can only be used by the people to whom they are assigned.
Even if an application is started in a different way than usual or expected, e.g. from the command line, worXpace will maintain the rules set by the admin.
But not only are the assignment rules enforced, all actions that the admin has defined as part of starting the application, will be performed. This powerful management feature prevents unintended use and gives legitimate use more freedom.

Rich management UI

Manage your worXpace environment from the browser, as if you were using a locally installed management tool.

Visual analysis

View the tasks and applications one by one in the log, or see the bigger picture in the timeline.

Access management

Make sure people can’t use applications they have no access to, and make it easy for them if they do.

Real time updates

Don’t waste time waiting for synchronization and see the effect of your changes instantly.

Real time updates

With the ‘real-time updates’ feature*, changes in the configuration of your worXpace will be sent directly to the workstations so that your mouse click in the web-app has an immediate effect on the workstation. This is especially nice if you are testing and fine-tuning new applications or other functionality.
This way, nothing stands in the way of your productivity.

* The real-time updates feature is optional, and can be licensed separately for selected users.

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