Service Point

Your corporate app store

Service… are we missing the point?

Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi … for each of these browsers there will be people that fanatically promote it at the expense of the others. The same goes for pdf-readers, file-zippers, etc. An IT-department might attempt at making every user’s wishes come true, but this will probably result in workspaces stuffed with apps that have severe functional overlap, and most of them will hardly be used. Why don’t we let the users choose their favorite apps themselves?


Service Point

With the worXpace Service Point the administrator can deliver any application to the end-users who choose to use them, rather than pushing them to everyone.
The Service Point is not just for applications. You can offer other services as well.


Real-time corporate app store

The worXpace Service Point facilitates end-users in requesting applications from an online catalog in real-time. This allows for a more relaxed application assignment practice for administrators as the end-users themselves can now choose the applications they like to use.

The administrator will, of course, determine what’s published to the store…

Straight to the point

The worXpace Service Point integrates with your worXpace, which means that your service catalog can be easily composed from the applications that you publish from the worXpace Explorer. All services can be organized in categories and together with the search feature, services are easily found in the catalog.

For each publication, the administrator determines the target audience, so you can specify which group of users will see the service in the catalog and are able to request it.

Now you can simply let your users decide which browser or PDF-reader they use and worpace will deliver them for you, as always.


Higher Service Level

People appreciate choice. With the Service Point you can give them just that.

Lean & Mean

Keep your Golden Image as small, simple and fast as possible by limiting the amount of standard apps

Enable Power Users

Some users like to push limits and try new methods.
Why not just let them?

Promote & Feature

New app? Make users aware of this by putting it in the spotlight.

Boost your Service Level and lower your management effort

Open up and let the users help themselves at the Service Point:

  • Decrease IT-management effort
  • Lower operational costs
  • More efficient golden images
  • Increase overall IT service level

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