“We believe in removing limitations,

because without limitations

people can accomplish anything”

About Us

When the two founders met, back in 1999, it was immediately striking that, in addition to a similar taste in music, they both had a real passion for ‘office automation’, as it was called at the time.
They shared the philosophy that the technicalities of providing an office automation environment should be hidden from the computer user. Everything just had to work, magically if necessary…

But it wasn’t just about the end user, it was perhaps even more about the IT-admin.
They noticed that admins had their own style, some slightly more sophisticated than others, requiring good documentation to make sure one admin understood the twists and turns of another, and documenting things often isn’t the admin’s forte.
A reform and standardization of IT management itself seemed necessary.
IT management basics should be about configuring rather than coding (scripts etc.) After all, coding can become very complex very quickly, making it easy to make mistakes that are hard to find and fix.

Based on these principles, a vision has been formulated against which all further designs, methods and decisions have been tested over the years.
At the time, they had no idea that this was actually Workspace Management, but the original vision of ‘office automation’ is still reflected in both Scense and worXpace.

It wasn’t until later that they realized that the underlying thought was actually about removing limitations.
Removing limitations for both admin and user would make anything possible.



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