“We believe in removing limitations,

because without limitations

people can accomplish anything”

About Us

Through our high-end User Workspace Management solution Scense, we deliver dynamic applications in a personalized workspace to many thousands of satisfied users worldwide. By applying a virtual separation between the user, desktop and underlying operating system, we transform any complex distributed desktop environment into an easy to manage and transparent infrastructure. As Scense provides substantial flexibility and freedom to both regular and occasional IT users and, at the same time, allows IT administrators to stay fully in control, the solution ultimately results in happy faces on both sides.

Business-critical application delivery

Scense plays a strategic role in delivering functionality and real-time access to the right persons, in time, wherever they happen to be. By doing so, we enable organizations, ranging from medium-sized to multinationals, to deliver business-critical applications and information quickly and efficiently. With a great sense of customization and commitment, we work towards the ultimate productivity and user experience for both end users and administrators. This can only really be achieved by leaving end users unaffected by and unaware of the underlying technology. And with a great sense of honesty: Appixoft provides, Scense delivers!


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