Cloud Service

Always and anywhere

worXpace as a Service

WorXpace is a true cloud service that makes ‘Workspace Management as a Service’ a reality. You can design and operate your IT environment from a single management interface. With automatic updates of the worXpace logic components, you hardly have to worry about managing the worXpace client software. Employees, students, or other people associated with your organization can be productive anywhere in the world in their familiar workspace.

Cloud Service

WorXpace is a comprehensive hybrid system that allows for great flexible workspace management.
The interaction between the client-software and cloud service is carefully designed to balance a great user- and application experience with a responsive cloud back-end*.
The cloud back-end relieves you from retaining server hard- and software, as well as the licenses, datacenter, and maintenance(staff) that go with it.


Also for Service Providers

WorXpace has a flexible multi-tenant implementation. Service providers can serve multiple customers from a single management system, operating with one or multiple subscriptions. The extent to which you serve your customers is up to you. You can completely unburden your customers with a full-service strategy, or have a lighter touch by coaching your customers while they do most of the work themselves.

Please contact us for the possibilities and conditions.

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Wear a different hat...

worXpace’s role-based security ensures that administrators can perform their tasks, but do not have access to things that do not concern them. This makes it possible to separate and distribute management tasks among different people or departments.
The person in charge of licensing does not necessarily need to be involved in backups or workspace design, and vice versa.


Service providers can share their worXpace with up to 5 customers, or even manage an entire hierarchy of worXpaces.

Data center

The worXpace cloud operations are backed by the trusted Microsoft Azure services and infrastructure located in the Netherlands.


IT operations are becoming more agile with the move from CapEx to OpEx.

Always on

High performance, high uptime. And in the unlikely event that something should go wrong, worXpace is designed to work offline just as well.

Cloud storage

People nowadays like to decide for themselves where they do their work and when they are most productive or creative. This has major consequences for the IT management structures that must make this possible. International students or foreign consultants may be on the other side of the world with the corresponding time zone, but still need the right applications to study or help their clients. Our high-performance worXpace cloud storage makes it a matter of course.

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