Workspace Management

Give people what they need
WorXpace is designed for IT admins who like to treat computer users as people. People with their unique wishes, skills and quirks. People who prefer using company computers and those who like to bring their own. People who know very well when and where they are most productive and when to take a break from work or study. It is therefore important to give people exactly what they need to perform their tasks, but in such a way that it does not interfere with their personal workflow and creativity .

Workspace Management

Workspace management is the fine art of creating the perfect digital workplace that enables people to be productive in an intuitive way. It’s not just about making the right applications available to the right people, but even more about the overall picture: the user experience. The way people experience their computer use can be very different, but the vast majority of people find it very important that their computer looks and works the same today as it did yesterday, especially their own computer.

Although still capable of strictly configuring company computers, worXpace also gives you the tools to subtly manage applications and settings on ‘user owned devices’, like e.g. the laptop a student brings to school.


Productivity tools for the IT-admin

WorXpace comes with an extensive set of events, actions, conditions, and variables that will help you build and manage your IT workspaces to the finest detail. The ‘desktop bridge’ will allow worXpace admins to conveniently – but securely – browse for local files, folders, and registry objects from their web browser as if they were using locally installed management tooling. This all contributes to great productivity when managing workspaces.

The spotlight on the supporting acts

When it comes to workspaces, applications often are the leading actors. Applications are important because they obviously allow you to be productive.
Most pages of this website are therefore about applications.

But here we put the supporting acts in the spotlight.


Leading the supporting acts are the Events, a crucial aspect of worXpace’s functionality. Events in worXpace are integral to managing user sessions, computer sessions, and application sessions. They allow for a dynamic environment, automating and customizing tasks.


Then, the Actions that allow interaction with parts of the operating system, such as the registry, file system, network drives and printers, processes, shortcuts, etc.

Actions make the workspace come alive.


Next, the Conditions which make it possible to react to different situations and to perform the right actions in the right situation. Conditions are used to assign applications to (groups of) people. Conditions also interact with the system, such as Active Directory, Azure AD, the file system, registry, network properties, etc.


And last but not least, the Variables which ensure that the Actions and Conditions get, or use, exactly the right information to do the right things at the right time and in the right place. Variables interact with the operating system and with the worXpace runtime system, such as environment variables, computer and user properties, Application context properties, location properties, etc.

The combination of Events, Actions, Conditions and Variables makes it possible, for example, to push the correct WiFi profiles for a location, or to create a menu-dialog for certain functions, etc. With worXpace, you have nothing short of a development environment at your finger tips, that allows you to automate almost anything, without actually writing code, although even that is possible with the ‘Script Action’.

Together, these supporting acts make it possible for the applications to shine and for people to have a great user experience.

Cloud & on-prem

Connect to your Windows AD or Azure AD or both. WorXpace connects seamlessly to your directory services.

Firm & loose

From extremely strict configurations on corporate computers to a very light touch on user-owned devices.

Always & anywhere

Work, play, study anytime, anywhere.
Online and offline.

Clear & simple

WorXpace is very easy to use for both IT-admins and the end-users without the steep learning curve

User Experience vs. the experienced user

IT administrators have long imposed a certain way of working on their computer users. Often it was a different way to start applications, or people had to start the application first and then open a file, instead of just double-clicking the file, etc. Some management systems still work like this to this day.

Inexperienced computer users have become rare and people realize faster than ever when they are being restricted by a management system, and a large number of them might be willing to spend a significant amount of time trying to overcome or circumvent these restrictions. That’s a bad user experience and certainly not productive.

WorXpace provides the desktop with an almost invisible management layer so that people can continue to work in their own familiar way, while the administrator remains firmly in control.

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