Application Composition

Visualize your vision

A picture is worth a thousand words

Applications come in all shapes and sizes and most are relatively easy to manage. There are also applications that make it a bit more difficult for the IT-admin. This may be because they need certain prerequisites to function, or plug-ins need to be installed. With some applications the prerequisites themselves have prerequisites and the order of installation suddenly becomes very important. Let’s take it one step further: let’s say the new version also needs new versions of prerequisites and plug-ins, but you need an in-place upgrade. Applications can become very complicated very quickly.

WorXpace makes it possible to simply draw the complex structure, and instantly everything becomes clear, to everyone.


Application Composition

A Composition represents ‘a single application’ and is both an abstraction- and an orchestration layer over applications and other components that together form this application. It will allow you to simply and elegantly compose your application dependencies and update chain in a self-documenting way.

In the worXpace UI, a composition is also a container or folder, which makes it possible to visually organize the involved components within the composition. 

Upgrade now?

Sometimes it is necessary to force an application upgrade, but in most cases it is not desirable to make people wait for an upgrade when they want to start using the application.


WorXpace allows the IT-admin to carefully define the upgrade triggers and give people the best user experience.



Connecting the dots

Designing application dependencies has never been easier. Collect the components belonging to the application and establish the relationships by connecting the dots.

The worXpace runtime system analyzes the drawing and then creates an execution plan based on the status of the components and whether or not they are already installed on the device. 
Then the plan is executed.

With great power comes great responsibility

As with so many things, the composition may tempt you to push the limits of its capabilities.

While the graphical representation of a complex application upgrade with multiple prerequisite levels and shared plugins may be understandable at a glance, there is a chance that the drawing raises as many questions as it answers.

So try to keep it as simple as possible…


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