Application Delivery

A more dynamic way to delivering applications

Application delivery made easy

WorXpace is making great strides in application lifecycle management. Not only the introduction of new applications, but also their delivery, their usage and the inevitable discontinuation or upgrade to newer versions becomes quite easy.
WorXpace relieves the administrator of tedious but important research by ‘understanding’ the application packages and then automatically pre-configuring them.

Application Delivery

WorXpace delivers applications from the cloud. Applications are added to the system and configured online, resulting in a package ready to be downloaded and installed, ready for use.
If necessary, powerful tools are available to give the application what it needs, after it was installed, to function properly for the right people.

Application Management

WorXpace adds an intelligent management layer to the underlying application delivery system. This ‘application manager’ is constantly aware of the status of the installed applications and monitors installations and uninstallations to ensure that they do not interfere with each other.


Years of experience in delivering applications to various workspaces has taught us that application delivery requires careful planning and tailoring. Depending on the use of the application, the size of the application package, the duration of the installation, etc., a different approach will be required.

You might want to pre-install applications that are used every day, and have a long installation time, before the user signs in. The small handy tool that is occasionally used, on the other hand, might not be installed until it is launched. You may even want to uninstall an application immediately after use.


WorXpace will help you out.

Add your app

Add applications to your worXpace in seconds. Our smart analyzer inspects, configures and deploys your installer packages, ready for use.


Effortless delivery of complex enterprise applications, including App-V applications, simple and secure, from the cloud.

High performance

Lightning-fast access to worXpace cloud storage ensures that applications can be delivered quickly, anywhere in the world.



WorXpace never stops managing your applications. This gives IT admins useful management and troubleshooting capabilities, even after applications are installed.

Convenience at its best

Adding applications to your worXpace is very easy. In the 2-step process, your installation package is analyzed and uploaded as a standard ‘compact application’ (or cloud package) to your worXpace environment, where you can configure it, include it in a composition, and assign it to people.

The compact application is fully automated by worXpace when it comes to detection, installation, uninstallation, program mapping, etc.

Windows Installer, App-V, MSIX and Chocolatey packages can be converted into compact applications automatically . Generic (setup.exe-type) applications need some help, but will then function as full-fledged compact applications and support all associated functionality.

With worXpace you can make a new application available to the entire company with just a few clicks.

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