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Scense Explorer

Getting started with the Scense Explorer

When the Scense explorer is opened for the first time, database access will be requested.

This data is stored in ‘%UserProfile%\Application Data\Scense\Scense.udl’

Unlike Scense Client, Scense Explorer does have direct access to the database.Oracle Client software needs to be installed, when using an Oracle database handler.

The items shown in Scense Explorer are all stored within the database.

Screen Layout.

When starting Scense Explorer, a splash-screen opens showing the initialization of different components. Next, the Scense Explorer window appears:

The interface and usability of Scense Explorer is very similar to Windows Explorer. Most of the editing functions of Windows Explorer (copy, past, cut, and drag-drop) are also available within Scense Explorer.

Scense Explorer has a main view and a folder tree that have a look and feel similar to Windows Explorer. Therefore learning to work with the Scense Explorer will take little time.


Multiple Scense Explorer instances cannot run simultaneously, but it is possible to have different windows open at the same time.

Clipboard actions (copy-paste) and drag-drop operations are possible between different Scense Explorer windows. However, the number of windows that can be opened simultaneously is limited.