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Local Cache

To be able to manage a situation in which the Scense Server is not available, an abstraction layer exists within the Scense Engine Client.
This layer, Engine Local Cache (ELC), is able to save all data gathered from the Scense Engine Service locally, so this data can be used in case it is not possible to connect to Scense Engine Service.

The ELC can only save data gathered from the Scense Engine Service as a consequence of actions that are executed, e.g.:

  • Logon / logoff
  • Start application
  • Etc.

When an action, which has not yet been saved locally by the ELC, is executed, Scense will not be able to execute this action (at a moment Scense Engine Service is not available).

To know in what mode Scense Executive is running, see the Scense Debug log (see .Debug Log) or the ‘Status’ page in Scense Client.