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Managing Windows Installer Packages

Applications of type ‘Windows Installer’ are usually associated with a Windows Installer Package.

Scense will store the information from these packages separately from the application objects.

This will allow multiple applications to be associated with a single Windows Installer Package.

When Scense Explorer runs in ‘Expert Mode’, the option to manage the windows installer packages will be available from the ‘Tools’ tab in the ribbon.

Manage Windows Installer Packages.

The ‘Manage Windows Installer Packages’ window lists all registered windows installer packages and the associated applications and actions.

Besides the overview, this window provides the option to remove the registration of unused packages.

Double clicking an entry in the list will open a new window that shows current connections to the selected package. This window will also allow you to relocate or rename a package.
The registered packages will be available to Windows Installer actions. This makes it possible to configure windows installer products outside the application object, e.g. in another Taskset.