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Scense OnDemand Service

Scense OnDemand Service (ODS) concept


The Scense OnDemand service is used for the execution of background tasks, or for tasks that need special privileges.

The Scense OnDemand service can be triggered by the Scense Client software or, working from a remote location, by Scense Explorer.

Administrator rights.

It is very common for users to have limited rights on their workstation. To provide the administrator the possibility to execute administrative tasks at the workstation, the administrator can use the Scense OnDemand Service (Scense_ODS).

Every action in any sequence can be set as: User, Scense_ODS or both. In the latter case, the action is performed twice.

Scense_ODS is also used for those installations that need elevated privileges.

The Scense OnDemand Service is installed as a part of the Scense Client software.

Remote administration.

The Scense OnDemand Service enables administrators to remotely execute Tasksets from the administrators’ workstation.


Service account.

The Scense OnDemand service usually functions optimally when using an account that has administrative privileges on the workstation and is authorized to read from network locations in the domain.

The account needs to be authorized to start as service (might be set with group policy).


To be able to effectively use Scense_ODS, ‘normal’ users need to be authorized to write in ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Scense_OnDemand’.

Remote administration.

To be able to use the Scense_ODS from a remote location, the administrator must also have administrative privileges on the remote workstation.