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Alternative Script Selection

Scense Client

Scense Client accepts a number of parameters that enable alternative execution of scripts.

Scense_Client.exe [Scense server], [referencename], [NOGUI], [FIXED]

A script can refer to a symbolic name (ReferenceName) that can be passed to Scense Client. As a consequence Scense Client will execute the scripts carrying this reference, instead of the standard scripts.
ReferenceName can be used for users that use their computer in a deviating way, or for users requiring different demands.

When the parameter ‘NOGUI’ is listed, the user interface of Scense Client is not available to the user.
This functionality may be used in completely closed down environments, in which it is not preferred for users to use functions of Scense Client.

When the key word ‘fixed’ has been added to the command line options, the dynamic sections of the script will NOT be executed.
Only the Taskset shortcuts in the script configured by the administrator will be executed.