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Conforming the Application configuration.

Windows Installer- and Virtual Layer applications support the ‘Apply Configuration’ operation.
This operation is automatically invoked by the Scense whenever the administrator has made changes to the configuration details of an application.

E.g. If a windows installer application has been modified to install an additional feature, Scense will automatically apply the configuration changes whenever a user for this application logs on to a workstation.

Also, if an administrator makes changes to the global- or application level excludes, all workstations will automatically receive the configuration changes at next logon from an application user.

In some cases however, the administrator might want to invoke the ‘Apply Configuration’ operation explicitly.
E.g. when two application objects use the same MSI-file, but have a different feature-set.
For this application, the administrator might always want to apply the configuration at user logon.
This will reconfigure the application for each specific use of both application definitions.