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Windows Installer Applications

Application objects of type ‘Windows Installer’ can be associated with a Windows Installer Package (MSI-file). After importing the MSI package, MSI-specific features are available.

The property page will show some general information like the name and version of the product as well as the available features.

The feature can be configured similar to a ‘real’ installation.

Capture Setup.

The ‘Capture Setup’ button will allow the administrator to run the setup dialogs that normally appear when installing the product ‘by hand’. All modifications the administrator applies to this pseudo installation sequence will be captured by Scense and applied to the central installation definition for the application object.
Just to be clear: The product will NOT be installed by clicking ‘Capture Setup’
Scense will indicate a ‘Setup Parameter Capturing’ session by changing the dialog titles with ‘Scense – Pre-Install Configuration’.


The ‘features’ dialog shows the available features within the MSI-file, in exactly the same way Windows Installer would while preparing the installation.
The administrator can select the features and how they should be configured. The changes are stored in the Scense database. The MSI-file remains untouched.
The ‘reset features’ button will restore the feature selection to its original state.

Customize Installation

General customizing can be done with the ‘Customize Windows Installer Installation’ dialog.

Some items in this dialog will directly relate to a property.

Others will control the way Windows Installer will install the application.

The original MSI-Package will not be modified.

Advanced Properties.

Whenever the ‘Advanced Properties’ button is clicked, a window will be shown containing all available properties within the MSI-file. The administrator can edit these properties, as well as adding new ones to the collection. These properties can control the installing behavior of the application

Scense will allow central management of both public and private properties.

Adaptive Installer.

The Adaptive Installer is a system that will resolve file conflicts in the process of installing the Windows Installer product.
This means that Scense will scan both the system and the contents of the Windows Installer package just before the installation, isolating conflicting files as the installation proceeds.

Adaptive Installer can be configured by clicking ‘Options’ in the Adaptive Installer area of the property page.

Adaptive Installer will require some extra time during the installation.