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Virtual Layer Excludes Management

When working with a virtual layer application, by default all documents the application creates will be stored within the layer. This is generally speaking an unwanted side-effect.
To prevent this from happening, the virtual layer excludes have been implemented.
Items to be excludes can be:

  • Folders
  • Folders and subfolders
  • File extensions

Scense offers a ‘best practice’ solution to the ‘excludes situation’.

Global Excludes. The globally defined excludes will be effective for all virtual layer applications within the Scense system. Unless the administrator specifically configured the application to ignore the global excludes.
If a new virtual layer application, containing no excludes within the VSA-file, is introduced to the Scense system the most important excludes will already be in place.
This will prevent the administrator and the users from losing their files somewhere within the layers.
Application Level Excludes. The excludes defined at application level complement the globally defined excludes.
The application excludes typically are file extensions used by the concerned application.
The application’s exclusion list can be automatically generated at the moment the VSA-file is attached to the application object, or later on by clicking the ‘Construct’ button.