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Advanced Metering

The Application Monitoring service can be instructed to monitor all applications regardless whether or not software metering was enabled for applications.

This is done by creating the ‘LicenseMeteringSelectedProcesses’ site parameter in the default site.

Monitoring all applications is not recommended in normal operation, because it will generate large amounts of data. It can, however, be helpful when doing an inventory of all software used.

By default the Application Monitoring service will only monitor ‘User Processes’, which means that operating system processes and services will be ignored.

If necessary this behavior can be changed by a registry key:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\ScenseMetering\IncludeSystemProcesses (DWORD)

Setting this value to 1 will instruct the Application Monitor service to monitor any system processes and include them in the metering results.

Monitoring system processes is not recommended because it will very likely degrade performance of the entire system.

Another way of influencing what gets monitored is using the Process Ignore List.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\ScenseMetering\MeteringIgnoredProcessList (REG_MULTI_SZ)

The list comes preset with several programs that should not be monitored and this list can be extended by editing the registry.