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Debugging Criteria


Scopes and Criteria are handled by the ‘Scope Checker’. This Scope Checker is part of the Scense Runtime System and runs unattendly and sometimes it might be unclear why a Scope produces ‘True’ or ‘False’, especially when a Scope contains a lot of Criteria.


To get more insight in the Scope checking process Scense Explorer offers an option to switch on Criteria debugging.
Go to the ‘Backstage View’ by clicking the Blue ‘FILE’ tab in the ribbon.
Next click the ‘Options’ item down on the left.
This will open the Options dialog and in this dialog the option to ‘Allow Criteria debugging’ can be checked.
Once this option has been checked; each and every call to the Scope Checker (for this user on this computer only) will open a debug window showing which Criteria have been checked, what the actual values were and what the results of the evaluation were.
The window shows three panels, from top to bottom:

  • Criteria
  • Conditions
  • Parameters

Clicking a Criterion in the top window will show the condition and parameters for this Criterion as well as the actual values and results.
This will help to identify any problems in Scopes and Criteria.