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Printer Object

The Scense Printer object represents a network printer and makes it possible to easily connect printers based on Criteria or Locations.

The Printer object describes Printer features and capabilities.A Location can be specified for a Printer and with this the administrator can decide whether or not to suggest the Printer to the default printer for this location.
On the Printer page in the Scense Client, the user can overrule this choice if he wants to.
Printer objects can be created manually with the ‘New -> Printer’ command in the context menu of the Printers system folder.
When creating a printer manually, the administrator needs to specify the exact Printer UNC.
Clicking the ‘Discover’ button will then retrieve the printer details from the printer server.
The Discover button can always be used to refresh the printer details.
Printers can also be imported from the Active Directory. For printers to show up in the Import Printers dialog, they must have the ‘List in the directory’ option set on the ‘Sharing’ page of the ‘Printer Properties’.The ‘Import Printers’ dialog can be opened from the context menu of the Printers system folder.

The ‘Import Printers’ dialog will show all printers as they are listed in the Active Directory.

One or more printers can be selected and imported at once.