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Introduction to Scense


What is Scense Work Space Management?

‘Real-time’ Management.

All data and task structures are saved and controlled in a central database which enables administrators to control process flows in real-time and immediately act when problems (are about to) arise. Changes made by the administrator in such a case are directly executed.

Consequently, it is possible to:

  • Install on-the-fly application updates whenever necessary;
  • Block applications in case of problems, ensuring the user receives an understandable message explaining the situation, instead of a crashing application;
  • Determine settings for the computer and end-user.
  • Etc.

Session Control.

The Scense Client software controls the user session, and enables the user to:

  • Monitor the composition of the user profile;
  • Re-install applications;
  • Restore shortcuts and network connections;
  • Etc.

Software Delivery.

Scense offers possibilities to provide applications to specific users at a specific moment. Applications will only be installed if the user wants to use the application.

Mixed Environments.

Scense is designed to handle mixed environments like:

  • Mixed Platforms
    Fat client, laptop, VDI, terminal server etc.
  • Mixed Operating Systems
    Windows 7, 8, 10 etc.
  • Mixed Application Types
    Windows Installer, Virtual Layers, App-V, ThinApp etc.

Configuration Settings

Scense offers the ability to use predefined settings and to define custom settings. These settings are loaded before user logon.