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Extended Install Concept for Generic Applications

Install Helper feature.

Scense can pass specific information to ‘proprietary installers’, by means of the Application object.
The standard Install feature ensures minimal information is passed to the installer. The Install Mode is exclusively executed under the user’s account.
The Extended Install feature passes information varying from ‘operating system type’ to ‘installation type’ to ‘the locations of repositories’.
If the Extended Install variant is selected, the Install Mode of a Taskset will first be executed under the OnDemand Service and then under the user’s account.
In order to do so, the installer must be prepared to use the Extended Install feature.

Site Parameters.

Several Site Parameters are involved in the use of Scense’s Install features:

Parameter Description Default value
ApplicationKey Registry Key for Application Switches
ApplicationValue Registry ValueName for Application Switches Setup
ExtendedInstallMethod Invoke the Extended Installation Method. 0=Off, 1=On 1
DefaultInstallLocation Default location for Applications %CONTEXT%
DefaultInstallTypeDesktop Default install type for desktop computers (0=LOCAL, 1=SHARED) 1
DefaultInstallTypeLaptop Default install type for laptop computers (0=LOCAL, 1=SHARED) 0
DefaultInstallTypeServer Default install type for server computers (0=LOCAL, 1=SHARED) 1
DefaultInstallTypeTerminalServer Default install type for terminalserver computers (0=LOCAL, 1=SHARED) 1
DefaultODSInstallTimeOut Default wait time (sec.) for an ODS Install before continuing 3600

‘ApplicationKey’ and ‘ApplicationValue’ can be used to indicate the registry sub-tree, which is used for administration of application related information in the registry, for the user and the workstation. Both the default and the extended install method use those keys.

By assigning the ‘ExtendedInstallMethod’ a value of ‘1’, the Extended Install method is activated for the entire system. In this case the other parameters listed above are being used as well.

Overrule option.

It is possible to overrule the default value of the parameters ‘DefaultInstallLocation’ and ‘DefaultInstallTypeXXX’ per application.

In this case the values entered for the application object are used instead of the default values.