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Executive Log


The Executive Log is a log book in which the actions Scense has executed within a session are listed.

This logging can be found in the system folder ‘User Information’ as a part of the user objects.

When a user object is selected, the task ‘Show Executive Log’ becomes available.

On this command, the Executive Log window appears.

In the log book, first the context is described, followed by the progression of the task structure’s execution.

When double-clicking a line in the log book, the object concerned is traced and selected in the underlying Scense Explorer window (if possible).

If the logging shows a runtime error, the action that caused the error can be directly traced and selected by double-clicking the error description.

This Executive Log is located in the database (in compressed form).

With the help of Site Parameters (MaxExecutiveLogHistory, MaxUserLogHistory) the administrator defines for how long logged sessions are saved in the database.

The session selector enables browsing through the different Executive Sessions. The most recent session is always shown first.

The name of the session indicates the Taskset concerned. If the name contains ‘Interactive Session’ it concerns a Scense Client session that starts with the Logon script and ends with the Logoff script. (provided that the user already logged off.)

The ‘Delayed’- en ‘Session Control’ scripts can be found within this Interactive Session as well.

The numeric ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keysmay be used to quickly browse through the sessions.

Per session one or more TaskSets can be executed. The executed TaskSets can easily be selected using the Taskset selector.

This selector contains a numbered list of TaskSets, and when a Taskset is being selected the cursor will directly jump to the location in the logging where the execution of the Taskset is described.

Computer Log.
To easily switch to the logging of tasks executed on the workstation by the OnDemand service, the ‘Computer Log’ button can be clicked.

As a result the Executive Sessions of the OnDemand service, for the workstation the user most recently logged on to, are shown.

Console window.
If a Session Event or Action is executed within Scense Explorer, the Executive Log will directly be displayed in the Console window.

This logging will not be written in the database.