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Windows Installer Action


The Windows Installer action provides several operations that enable manipulation of windows Installer applications (msi).

By default, each Windows Installer-action will affect the ‘Application Default Product’. This will be the Windows Installer product that is attached to the Application object.

You can also select any other Windows Installer product known to the Scense system, or the ‘independent product’.

The independent product offers the possibility to select a Windows Installer Package (msi-file) that is not registered within the Scense system.

The Windows Installer Action support several operations:

  • Install
  • Re-Install
  • Repair
  • Uninstall
  • ApplyConfiguration

Apply configuration will (re)apply the application’s feature configuration as defined at the application level.

These are all privileged operations that can only be executed by an administrator or the Scense OnDemand service.