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Scripting Action

The scripting action is used for all remaining operations that cannot be achieved by standard actions.

The scripting action supports the VB-Script- as well as the J-Script language.
Within a script internal Scense objects can be used as ‘native language elements’, although it is possible to use any other scriptable (external) object.
The Scense script engine does demand a ‘Scense_Main’ procedure, which will be started as the main routine.

The scripting action property page shows the following options;

The administrator can add a descriptive action to the scripting action.

The scripting action support only one operation: ‘Start’

Service name.
The list of internal services (native scriptable objects) that can be used to extend the script language with some native objects.

Script code.
Here you can choose between VBScript and Jscript.
The code window holds the scripting code.
Double clicking the code window will switch to full screen editing.
It is also possible to import script code, using the import button.

The initial procedure ‘Scense_Main’ will switch according to the chosen script language:
VBScript :

Sub Scense_Main()
End Sub

JScript :

function Scense_Main()

Once the initial code has changed, switching is no longer supported, and may lead to runtime