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The workstation object can be used to retrieve workstation information.

Properties Description
BuildNumber Operating system build number
ComputerName Current computer name
CSDVersion Servicepack version number
Domain Current workstation domain name
IsServer True, if this computer is a server
IsWorkstation True, if this computer is a workstation
OSShortString Short operating system name
OSString Full operating system name
OSType Type of operating system
PlatformID Operating system platform identification
ReturnCode Returncode for functions
UserName Currently loggend on user id
VerMajor Major operating system version


Minor operating system version


Methods Description
GetTimeZone Get the time zone (in minutes relative to GMT) for this computer


Set the computers’ date and time according to the specified server. (Returns True if successful)

Function SetDateTime(Server As String)



Retrieve the IP-address for the current computer.
Returns a String value comtaining the IP-address.

Function ResolveIPAddress(HostName As String)


Sub Scense_Main()
    With Workstation
        'Retrieve Operating system description
        WriteScenseLog .OSString

        'Retrieve the current IP-Address
        WriteScenseLog .ResolveIPAddress(.ComputerName)
    End With
End Sub