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Windows Installer

The Windows Installer object can be used to manipulate Windows Installer Products.
The ‘Base’ object is ‘ScenseMSI’. The ScenseMSI object provides general administrative functions.



Properties Description


Reference to the Products collection


Methods Description
Refresh Refreshes the Products collection.



The Products collection of the ScenseMSI object consists of one or more Product objects.

Properties Description
DisplayName Product name
DisplayVersion Product version
InstallDate Date of installation
InstallLocation Path to which the product is installed
InstallSource Path from where theinstallation took place
InstallState Current Install state
1) The product is advertised
5) The product is installed locally
LocalPackage Locally stored package
ProductCode Code that uniquely identifies the product
Publisher Name of the publisher
VersionMajor Numeric version component


Numeric version component


Methods Description
Reinstall Reinstall the product
Repair Repair the product installation
Uninstall Uninstall the product


Sub Scense_Main()
    Dim P

    For Each P In ScenseMSI.Products
        WriteScenseLog P.DisplayName & " (" & P.DisplayVersion & ")"
        WriteScenseLog "InstallDate: " & P.InstallDate
        WriteScenseLog "InstallLocation: " & P.InstallLocation
        WriteScenseLog "InstallSource: " & P.InstallSource
        WriteScenseLog "InstallState: " & P.InstallState
        WriteScenseLog "LocalPackage: " & P.LocalPackage
        WriteScenseLog "ProductCode: " & P.ProductCode
        WriteScenseLog "Publisher: " & P.Publisher
        WriteScenseLog "VersionMajor: " & P.VersionMajor
        WriteScenseLog "VersionMinor: " & P.VersionMinor
End Sub