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Scense Embedded Scripting



This guide will describe the functionality and use of the Scense Scripting Action.
The scripting action is generally used to accomplish tasks that cannot be done by the standard Scense actions.
The scripting action supports both VBScript and JScript.

The embedded scripting action can make use of Scense internal scriptable objects and added syntax objects as well as external scripting objects (like the File System Object, Shell object etc.)

The scripts are hosted by Scense, which adds some constraints to the scripts.

  • Scense will initially execute the Scense_Main( ) routine.
    This implies that omitting this procedure will lead to a script error.
  • The WScript object is not available.
    Language extensions provided by WScript are not available.
    However, most of the syntax is available without the WScript prefix.
    E.g.    WScript.CreateObject(…) will not work
               CreateObject(…)               will work just fine…