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The Command Line

Scense_DbCCmd.exe is a command line (console) program that can be managed by means of command line options. The image below shows an overview of the different options.

The different options are described below:

  • /A[utomatic repair]
    All detected errors are automatically repaired. If both /A and /N are omitted it chances automatically to manual repair.
  • /N[ever repair]
    Errors are not repaired.
    If both A/ and N/ are omitted it chances automatically to manual repair.
  • /E[xtensions]
    Used to specify extensions that should be executed. The extensions should be separated by a comma. For example: /E=DBAT, RDBML, RDBBT. In case no extensions are specified, all active extensions are run. It is also possible to use an extension more that once . E.g /E=DBRT, DBAT, DBRT. The specified extensions automatically become the active extensions. In the previous example:”/E=DBRT, DBAT, DBRT”, DBRT en DBAT will become the only active extensions.If Scense_DbCCmd is executed again, but without the switching option /E then the extensions DBRT and DBAT will be executed once.
  • /D[isplay]
    To display an overview of all active extensions.
  • /L[ogging]
    Using /L you can specify a location for the log file. Example: /L=c:\temp\maintenancelog.txt.
  • /V[erbose]
    This switch option is used to regulate output to the screen.
    Setting this option will give detailed progress information.
  • /H[elp]
    Give the above help
    /? Gives the same result as /H