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An essential part of the Scense system is the database, despite the attention given to the software, it may occur the database gets blemished or contains other shortfalls.
The Database Maintains feature has been developed to make it possible to detect and repair any blemish and/or shortfall.
The Database Maintenance software consists of several parts:

  • Scense_DbMaint.dll
    This is the main module of the Database Maintenance feature, directed by both the graphic and command line interface.
  • Scense_DbCheck.exe
    The graphical user interface that enables the interactive guidance of the Database Maintenance process.
  • Scense_DbCCmd.exe
    The command line interface that makes it possible to execute the Database Maintenance process unattended, and schedule it within an automated planning.

The Database Maintenance feature uses the so-called ´extensions´. These are ´plug-ins´, each with their own area of attention. Besides controlling whether the different objects in the Scense Database have the right settings, the extensions also check whether the relations between the objects are correct.
At this moment the following extensions are available:

  • Scense_ME_DBAT.dll (Autonomous Tables)
    The Scense Database contains several parts that function autonomously without relations to other tables (e.g. Licenses, Messages, Parameters etc.). This module assesses the content of these objects.
  • Scense_ME_DBRT.dll (Runtime Tables)
    This module assesses the Runtime objects. The Runtime objects are correlated tables that work together for the Runtime data of the core components (e.g. Tasksets, Applications, Session Events, Actions etc.). These objects can be organized using Scense Explorer. Assessment of these objects consists of checking the content, and checking the correlation with related objects.
  • Scense_ME_DBAIT.dll (Async Install Tables)
    This module assesses the Scense Update objects. The Scense Update objects are correlated tables that work together for the Scense Update data. These objects can be organized using Scense Update Manager. Assessment of these objects consists of checking the content, and checking the correlation with related objects.

Deprecated extensions (no longer supported as of Scense 7.0):

  • Scense_ME_RDBBT.dll (Bad TreeLinks)
    Linking an existing structure in a Repository may not have been executed accurately some time, causing the possibility of a link between a tree structure and a different type of repository structure. In this case it could happen that a file in test context of an application repository was linked to a tree structure in the final context. This extension checks for these kind of errors and corrects them.
  • Scense_ME_RDBDF.dll (Double Files)
    It might occur for a single file, double file instances have been recorded in the Scense repository. This error situation may have been caused by a previous software version. When for a single file more than one file instance exists in the repository, a migration may be possible causing deletion of the file on system level, while this is actually not allowed (because another repository is still using the file). Consequently, the application cannot be installed due to a missing file. This module corrects the error situation described above.
  • Scense_ME_RDBFI.dll (File Integrity)
    The Scense Explorer offers an ´Integrity Check´ repository function that has proven to be of great importance for the administration of the repository. This function assesses all file instances in an application or OS-repository for integrity. Although Scense Explorer does not offer the possibility to test the entire repository for integrity, this extension does check the entire file collection and is able to correct possible errors. Since the entire file collection is checked, the execution time can be long.
  • Scense_ME_RDBML.dll (Missing Links)
    It could occur a file no longer had a correct reference to the related application. This module checks for and corrects these errors