Can a hermit get the flu? Indeed he can! For obvious reasons it is, however, quite unlikely for him to infect others. This notion can be of help in IT security as well. ‘By starting a solitary life in some remote place, completely shut off from the world and its technology?’ you may wonder. That would certainly do the trick, yet it is not exactly what we mean. Please allow us to explain.

Virtual administrative rights

The point we are trying to make is that Scense Workspace Management greatly improves protection from malware by taking the first, crucial step in avoiding the spread of it. Basically, being a piece of software like any other, malware can do everything your end user is authorized to do. It can even cause infection without prior allocation of administrative rights by an administrator. However, using a non-administrative account does keep malware from spreading to other system users. It’s really as simple as that. Our new end user portal Scense Service Point in fact allows your users the (virtual) experience of having administrative rights, without actually having them.

Online user catalog

Scense Service Point fully integrates with your current Scense system, meaning your service catalog can be easily composed of the applications and other services that are already offered in your current Scense system. Upon completion, users can simply choose whatever application they need from the online catalog in real-time. Once submitted, their account and services automatically follow them wherever they go and whatever device they use. Mind you, you still need to protect your users from hurting themselves by installing a best-of-breed anti-malware product. Still, it is one monkey off your back. For more information on Scense Service Point, please click here.