At first glance, this statement may sound counterintuitive. However, when it comes to people, no two are the same! If we are all different, then it follows that our needs will also be different.

Sometimes you will hear people say that we need to treat everyone equally, but that can be the opposite of treating them all “fairly”, especially in the IT delivery sphere.

Today’s IT administrators are faced with the unique demands of their organization’s complex environment. If we think about modern company landscapes, we know each employee has a unique role and subsequently a variety of different tasks to complete. Administrators can end up having to organize and streamline a multitude of different applications and resources when trying to create an adaptive desktop infrastructure that meets the needs of their organization.

When looking at how to manage the user environment, there are some key areas to consider:

Managing the Workspace

It’s important to ensure that you have an efficient workspace management solution in place for the desktop environments (PCs, laptops, terminal services and virtual desktops). To protect your workspace, you need to make sure that it can handle the latest IT challenges and provides your users with a flexible, meaningful environment.

Managing User Profiles

When managing profiles, you should check that your solution provides real-time settings and management capabilities on non-persistent or shared computers. Provision so Live Profiles automatically convert your settings, if or when they are moved between different architectures. Your solution should always be “user centric”, to satisfy both current and future needs.

Delivery of Applications

When delivering Applications, you should consider your solution in terms of its ability to deliver, configure and manage applications across your environment, whether that’s on physical or virtual desktops. Ultimately your users should achieve a truly personalized workspace, regardless of the application, its settings or the need to access data wherever and whenever they logon.

We hope you found the article of interest, we are passionate about what we do here at Appixoft and welcome the opportunity to share insights with IT professionals. If you would like to hear a little more about what Scense Workspace Management can do for you, please get in touch.

Scense is a powerful combination of workspace management, user profile management and application delivery solutions. Users are empowered to work flexibly, but ultimate control remains centrally with the IT department.