How can I stop apps installing on all my devices? We couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing when we came across this question on an online forum. After all, in our line of business it is usually the other way around. People increasingly work from different devices expecting applications to run automatically regardless of the particular device used. In daily practice however, users are often still tied to one personalized device with applications only being installed during the machine roll-out.


Obviously, this frustrates the rollout process significantly. Moreover, specifics can usually only be added manually. Using Scense, the installation process is eased substantially by only installing base applications during rollout while preinstalling other applications automatically in a context-driven manner. Scense also allows for any application to be installed on no matter what device, according to the specific user needs. At the same time, users have actual and immediate access to applications, unlike other workspace management suppliers who merely provide shortcuts.

Real-time conflict isolation

It is extremely easy to use and will help delegate delivery tasks to other (non-IT) departments. Thanks to the Adaptive Installer feature, Scense users also benefit from real-time isolation of conflicting applications. Instead of repackaging or virtualizing applications, Adaptive Installer uses the Windows Installer package as-is. As such, AI (not to be confused with Artificial Intelligence, although they go together quite well…) eliminates the need to build expensive conflict databases or hire packaging experts. We are quite confident that most of our customers will answer this blog’s header with a clear ‘yes’. With the brand-new AppiXoft Service Point, which is about to be released, they will be even more than ‘appy’!

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