To truly understand this important Scense feature, we kindly ask you to use a bit of your imagination.
After yet another day of struggling with bits and bytes it is not unusual for us at AppiXoft to go grab a much tastier ‘bite’ in a local restaurant. We think it is safe to assume that we are not unique that way. You’re really looking forward to having your regular Caesar salad when the waitress welcomes you with the usual ‘Good evening, one moment please’.
Just imagine she would then disappear for at least an hour and a half to finally take you to a table where the chef has prepared literally every dish you can possibly think of!
For your convenience…

Faster logon times

Having lost your patience as well as your appetite you would probably find yourself giving the chef a hard time. Ironically, this is exactly what happens to all, well, most of us, each time we logon to our computer. Even though you just want to check your email, dozens of tasks are run in preparation for anything you might want to do, resulting in lengthy logon times and even caffeine overdosed users! Why not divide tasks into more than just the logon event? And why not split user profiles and only deliver settings when they are called for?

Workspace management

These are the kind of questions we at AppiXoft asked ourselves years ago. The answers resulted in the development of Scense Workspace Management. Scense Live Profiles, for instance, transforms the user profile into small manageable packages that are stored and retrieved just in time: during application start, application stop, logon, logoff or any other moment that is a best fit for that part of the profile. The flexible filters used by Scense Live Profiles will keep the user profile small, reducing IOPS and stress on the server while preventing profile bloat from happening. In a similar way, non-profile related tasks such as printer allocation, network availability and other scripts can easily be streamlined, delayed or even omitted.

Faster logon times are a great way to start the day, or should we say a ‘bon appetit’?

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