After a year of absence, the IJsselland Hospital team have returned to the annual Roparun sports event.

For those unfamiliar with this event; the Roparun is a long-distance relay race where one half of the participating teams will start in Paris and the other half in Hamburg. Near Rotterdam the two routes combine and together they will finish in front of Rotterdam’s city hall. The goal is to raise money for people who suffer from cancer. For more information on the Roparun, please visit

The IJsselland Hospital, a valued Scense customer, are no stranger to the Roparun event. They have participated in this race 8 times in previous years as team 131 and now, as team 35, this was the 9th Roparun for the IJsselland Hospital team.

Appixoft once again, took great pride in providing the team with the appropriate shirts as an official sponsor. It goes without saying that we have great respect for Team 35 and we are glad we could play our tiny part in this tremendous effort.

Here are some impressions of Team 35 during the Roparun 2017: