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Website: www.aimedsolutions.nl
Email: info@aimedsolutions.nl
Phone: +31 (0)73 6497 413
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Aimed Solutions

Specialist in Application, Desktop, Server and Mobile Device Management. By using the best solutions in Desktop and Application Migration, Project Management, Virtualisation, Streaming, Security and Distribution, AIMED helps organizations to reclaim full control over their ICT-infrastructure. AIMED takes care of the design, the implementation, licenses, training and support. AIMED is Certified Partner with the most important vendors like Scense, InstallFree, Microsoft, Symantec, Altiris, Flexera AdminStudio and Vmware. AIMED advices, manages and facilitates. With over 15 years of experience, AIMED Solutions is THE application packaging, virtualization and distribution specialist.

Website: www.client.nl
Email: info@client.nl
Phone: +31 (0)85 0200 070
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Client ICT Groep

Client IT Groep is an independent and leading provider of knowledge and expertise in the field of technical infrastructures. We provide solutions to operational, tactical and strategic levels. In addition, we act on the interface between business and IT by our clients. With a team of over 100 specialists, we have been active since 1995 in the market, with offices in Veldhoven, Weert and Apeldoorn.
Our core business is to provide knowledge and expertise within our divisions Solutions and Interim Professionals. We understand the importance of business / IT alignment, we have the solutions to achieve this.
Our work is not only about technique, which is a big misconception. Its about people and their wishes.

Website: www.cobss.nl
Email: info@cobss.nl
Phone: +31 (0)6 2065 0064
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In the current IT infrastructure organizations need to make a choice for solutions that match the needs and desires of the organization.

On this playing field CoBSS has specialized in the Application Deployment area. What are the available and most effective options to deliver applications including (user)settings. Often this has to be accomplished in complex infrastructure with virtual/physical desktops, laptops and considering cloud adoption. In this perspective every organization is unique.
Offered services are advise (assist during the solution selection), training of the internal IT staff regarding the often new solutions and implementation support.

Website: www.dhs.nl
Email: info@dhs.nl
Phone: +31 (0)412 653 800
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DHS is an allround IT service provider specialized in innovative IT solutions since 1984.
Our custom-made solutions are a smart mix of hardware, software & services. So you can meet your organisation and customers’ demands.

Our IT focus
Virtualisation | Mobile Device Management | Business Mobility | Storage | Security | Cloud | Operational IT support.

Our skilled specialists are trained and certified on the most important solutions from vendors like Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, EMC/Dell, Scense etc.

Why choose DHS?
1. Always the workplace which suits your organisation and employees needs
2. 24/7 convenience with operational IT support
3. Possibility to test and experience new solutions in your own environment
4. Only tested and proven solutions

AppiXoft – Scense
As Certified AppiXoft partner we would like to assist you with advice, implementations, management and licenses for all your workspace management requests.

Website: www.dnaservices.nl
Email: info@dnaservices.com
Phone: +31 (0)78 6545 777
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DNA Services

Clients see DNA as their external IT-department.
In close co-operation custom applications get form. Users are involved and heard. Whether it comes to development, support or management. Everything revolves around your bussiness – with all its challenges and bottlenecks.

That attitude is deeply rooted in our company. In 1994, we emerged from the IT department of a manufacturing company. The initiators are Dick Griep, Niek de Rijk and Albert van Zijverden. Our name still consists of the initial letters of their first names. We are used to operate with and between users. (Our ideas were put to the test the very next day).

Now we are an independent IT company with more than 40 employees. But we still feel one with the companies we work for. And although we love our job and we always seek to lead the way on IT solution devevlopment, your business goes first. That is typical DNA. Business first.

Website: www.effect-ict.nl
Email: info@effect-ict.nl
Phone: +31 (0)71 711 4641
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Effect ICT

Effect ICT Solutions specialises in ICT solutions for SMBs. Our goal is to ensure that you as an entrepreneur work effectively and efficiently with computerised office systems that meet all your wishes and requirements. We do not focus on products and services, but on your interests as our client. This way, we enable you to work with the best and most future-proof solutions within your organisation.
But the best solution for your office environment could well be in the ‘cloud’. Not only do we specialise in traditional office automation, but we are also experts in ‘cloud’ related solutions. Naturally we will advise you on the most effective cloud solution for your organisation.
Effect ICT Solutions is an open and transparent company with enthusiastic and expert staff who’ll go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. We are keen to develop a longer-term relationship with our clients, as only then can we talk about a truly effective partnership. The personal touch and close involvement are both concepts that are written into our DNA. Naturally you expect us to be market leaders in the application of innovative solutions, and that we are intimately familiar with the latest technologies.

You know exactly where you stand
Expensive? No, not really, in fact we’d dare to say that your costs will be lower over the longer term. After all, our highly qualified personnel will always provide you with a professional, appropriate and clearly priced solution that grows together with your business. And that means you know exactly where you stand – there are no hidden costs.

Website: www.forcefusion.eu
Email: email@forcefusion.eu
Phone: +31 (0)115 760 000
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Force Fusion

Force Fusion is an IT System Integrator with an innovative aproach which gives you a competitive edge by means of a differentiating aproach on IT.

We deliver great quality and excellent customer service. Force Fusion designs, integrates and implements solutions which realize: better control, more flexibility, business continuity, higher security and lower costs. In short Force Fusion gives you great added value.

Website: www.ictspirit.nl
Email: info@ictspirit.nl
Phone: +31 (0)53 852 7777
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ICT Spirit

ICT Spirit zorgt voor flexibele ICT-oplossingen passend bij uw organisatiedoelstellingen. Als Twents familiebedrijf in de ICT-sector adviseren wij u over, realiseren en beheren uw ICT-omgeving.
Functioneel en veilig gebruik van data is belangrijker dan het bezit van ICT-middelen.

Het is essentieel voor de bedrijfsvoering waarop je altijd moet kunnen vertrouwen.
De gevolgen voor uw organisatie door de digitale transformatie zijn niet meer te stoppen, de digitalisering van bedrijfsprocessen neemt toe. ICT Spirit analyseert als kennispartner uw business, waardoor u samen met onze consultants de juiste keus maakt en uw klant centraal staat. Dat levert de beste concurrentiepositie op. ICT Spirit verzorgt ook de implementatie volgens het onboarding proces, waarbij uw klant optimaal efficiënt en effectief kan samenwerken. Uw business moet ondertussen gewoon doorgaan.

ICT Spirit, focus on your business

Website: www.itfconsultancy.nl
Email: info@itfconsultancy.nl
Phone: +31 (0)85 877 0403
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IT Futures

With over 20 years in the industry, IT-Futures has worked with progressive companies and organizations that knowthe value of technology and want to get the most out of their IT Solutions and investments.
IT-Futures currently provides services to small and medium sized business throughout
the Netherlands. As a trusted partner in technology, we are dedicated to bettering your businesses so that you can concentrate on what’s really important.

Our primary role is to deliver scalable business solutions for small and mid-size businesses
to help our clients reduce costs, increase revenue, and gain a competitive advantage through the strategic implementation of technology.

Website: www.ithec.nl
Email: support@ithec.nl
Phone: +31 (0)85 8900 777
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ITHEC ICT is a decisive and all-round IT supplier for medium and large organizations within the Netherlands.

The combination of a close team with lots of experience and excellent references makes ITHEC ICT to a reliable IT partner.

Our long-term relationships with customers are based on trust, quality and knowledge.

Website: www.mdcs.nl
Email: info@mdcs.nl
Phone: + 31 (0)30 677 1056
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Desktop and server virtualization, complete management solutions, flexible workplaces, additional services and education are the building blocks of any modern IT environment that is ready for the future.

IT as a utility – available anytime, anywhere, for anyone and secure, manageable and reliable. MDCS is the organization that together with its partners, provides the right answer and would like to fulfill the central role of architect and coordinator.

At MDCS we believe in cooperation, each project is different and has different requirements. MDCS is working together with A-brand suppliers to provide our customers the best quality and care.

Website: www.Wetec.nl
Email: info@Wetec.nl
Phone: + 31 (0)495 452 640
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Weerts Technology (WETEC) helpt haar relaties doormiddel van deskundig advies en optimale ondersteuning bij het realiseren van hun bedrijfsdoelstellingen.

Wij begrijpen de markt: de gebruikers, maar ook de applicaties, desktops, security, networking, veilige toegang, servers, storage en beschikbaarheidsscenario’s. Daarnaast ook de infrastructuur- en managementoplossingen die het mogelijk maken hier grip op te houden.

Onze diensten zijn ontwikkeld om u volledig te kunnen ontzorgen, hierdoor kunt u zich richten op uw eigen bedrijfsvoering zonder omkijken te hebben naar de aanschaf en onderhoud van uw IT infrastructuur.