Adding value
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DHS – quirky with guts

ICT is a crucial factor for strong organizations. It is the basis for satisfied employees and for creating maximum customer value. However, the interpretation of ICT is different for every organization. Because every organization is different. That is why IT customization is essential. Only customization ensures that an organization receives exactly the ICT services it needs.

Sail your own course

dhs does not believe in standard answers. We don’t just look at what is being asked, but at what an organization and its users really need. We are stubborn enough for that. We strive to completely unburden customers with surprising, creative customized ICT solutions. Not looking for and offering the easiest solution, but the best. We look for distinctive and unique ICT services that really help organizations move forward. That requires guts and a different way of thinking. That’s how we’re used to work and that’s how we continue to work today.

What drives us

Efficient, effective business processes and productive, happy employees are a must for any organization. That is why we do not act on price, but on added value and customization. What drives us is the idea that organizations can function optimally thanks to our customized ICT services. We want to make that fundamental contribution to every organization: making sure that ICT works for the organization and its employees without noticing. We are convinced that ICT should be problem-free and self-evident. And must stay that way. We are proud that every dhs employee realizes this. That connects us with each other and we give substance to this every day.


As Certified AppiXoft partner we would like to assist you with advice, implementations, management and licenses for all your workspace management requests.

Keep pushing boundaries

The IT needs of organizations are evolving. We go with that. That is why we continuously explore the boundaries, but we also keep pushing them. We remain that pioneer who is always looking to facilitate its customers with the latest and best ICT solutions. With our help and support, every customer should be able to work efficiently, carefree, successfully and satisfied. Customized, hassle-free and self-evident! Every day again. Now and in the future.
That’s dhs, “we keep adding value”