The Benefits of using Scense

See how it all makes sense

What’s in it for you?

Explore the benefits of using Scense for the different roles in the IT environment.

Benefits for IT Managers



Increase your grip on IT while reducing costs

For years, we have a retention rate of close to 100%. The loyalty of our customers has been inspired by the savings that have been realized by implementing Scense. You will save money on IT from day one and you will become a strategic partner within your organization.


    Scense’s flexible architecture

    allows you to adapt and react fast to new and challenging IT demands from the business departments in your organization.


    Reduce application packaging

    Because of Scense Adaptive Installer and Scense Easy Delivery, you will save money on application packaging and scripting from day one. We have seen average savings of 800 euro per application per year.


    Fewer helpdesk calls

    Our clients receive at least 40% fewer calls to the help desk related to computer failures or software application issues.


    Reduced number of PC’s

    The number of PC’s and laptops can be substantially reduced annually by an improved implementation of the BYOD concept. After defining a simple BYOD policy, the employee or student’s own PC or laptop can be used during working or class hours, and even at home.


    Reduce required IT staff

    The high degree of automation of desktop and application management tasks, reduces the need for highly skilled personnel. A reduction in the number of professionals in workspace / application management can be expected. These professionals can then be deployed to other challenging projects.


    Reduce image management costs

    Thanks to the Scense product, one only needs to create and manage one central image for the entire desktop environment, regardless of the hardware platform (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.) and operating system version. You will be able to reduce your conventional imaging costs with at least 80%.


    Reduce license costs

    Scense provides insight in who uses what application and how often. As a result, you can make better decisions about additional license purchases. Software applications can be automatically deleted after using them temporarily. The number of installed software licenses can thus be limited to the absolute minimum.

    Benefits for IT administrators



    Decrease your workload and become more proactive

    IT administrators love working with our solutions. After a short training, you also will be able to address desktop challenges you were unable to address before. How you spend the time saved on boring daily desktop management tasks, is all up to you.


    Centralized management

    will provide you real time information about workspaces and the ability to implement changes and solutions pro-actively, in real time and without the need of a physical visit.


    Less complex

    Intuitive interfaces remove all complexity in your daily tasks. You can easily delegate certain tasks to other parts of the organization. Scripting and packaging can be a thing of the past.


    Simple and rapid distribution of applications and updates

    Applications and updates, whether virtual or not, are instantly available to users. The preparation time for the deployment of an application, patch or update is dramaticaly reduced, the roll out is automatically guaranteed.


    Proactive desktop and application management

    By using Scense Session Control, you will have real-time control over the entire user session addressing IT issues proactively or, in the case of an emergency, in real time. This increases user satisfaction and productivity and dramatically reduces the number of service desk calls


    Smarter image management

    One image for each OS is all you need. The Scense client software will automatically create a fully functional workspace with all suitable applications and settings.


    Self-service tooling

    Today, you probably spend too much time in keeping the IT environment up and running. The Scense administrator tasks are converted into standard modules that can be delegated to any given employee to provide self-service support.


    Increased stability

    No more crashing applications and desktops. Scense Adaptive Installer will make sure that workspaces and applications remain stable.

    Benefits for IT users



    Work and play anywhere on any device

    Every feature in our product has been implemented with a user centric focus. Scense Workspace management results in empowered end users but ultimate control remains in the hands of the IT department.


    Personal Workspace

    You are a person and your desktop should be personal. Scense will guarantee you a fully functional and personalized workspace with your applications, settings and data wherever you decide to logon.


    Work Anywhere

    Scense will give you the flexibility you need. You will be able to use your desktop and applications wherever you are: on your own desktop, on your colleague’s desktop, on your laptop or at home.


    Get new apps fast

    Scense will provide you with new applications fast. Applications you buy or request today will be available immediately.


    App Store

    The Scense Service Point allows you to browse an application catalog and request the apps you need. Most applications will be available to you instantly.


    Self-service tooling

     AppiXoft’s patented technology will ensure a stable workspace environment. Outside office hours, Scense will provide you with self-service tooling that will assist in solving some desktop problems.