Benefits for IT Managers

Increase your grip on IT while reducing costs

Scense currently has a retention rate of close to 100%. The loyalty of our customers has been inspired by the savings that have been realized by implementing Scense. Scense will save you money on IT from day one and you will become a strategic partner within your organization..

  • Scense’s flexible architecture allows you to adapt and react fast to new and challenging IT demands from the business departments in your organization.
  • No more application packaging – Because of Scense Adaptive Installer and Scense Easy Delivery , you will save money on application packaging and scripting from day one. We have seen average savings of 800 euro per application per year
  • Fewer helpdesk call´s – Our clients receive at least 40% fewer calls to the help desk related to computer failures or software application issues.
  • Reduction amount of PC’s – The number of PCs and laptops can be substantially reduced annually by an improved implementation of the BYOD concept. After defining a simple BYOD policy, the employee or student’s own PC or laptop can be used during working hours.
  • Reduction required IT staff – The high degree of automation of desktop and application management tasks reduces the need for highly skilled personnel. A reduction in the number of the headcount in workspace / application management can be expected.
  • Reduction image management costs. Thanks to the Scense product, one only needs to create and manage one central image for the entire desktop environment, regardless of the hardware platform (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.) and operating system version. You will be able to reduce your imaging costs with at least 80%
  • Reduction license costs – Scense provides insight in who uses what application and how often. As a result, you can make better decisions about additional license purchases. Software applications can be automatically deleted after using them temporarily. The number of installed software licenses can thus be limited to the absolute minimum.

Benefits for IT administrators

Decrease your workload and become more proactive

IT administrators love working with our solutions. After a short training, you also will be able to address desktop challenges you were unable to address before. How you spend the time saved on boring daily desktop management tasks, is all up to you.

  • Centralized management will provide you real time information about workspaces and the ability to implement changes and solutions pro-actively, in real time and without the need of a physical visit.
  • Wizard oriented interfaces remove all complexity in your daily tasks. You can easily delegate certain tasks to other parts of the organization. Scripting and packaging is a thing of the past.
  • Simple and rapid distribution of applications and updates – Applications and updates, whether virtual or not, are instantly available to users. The preparation time for the deployment of an application, patch or update is reduced to zero, the roll out is automatically guaranteed.
  • Proactive desktop and application management – By using Scense Session Control, you will have real-time control over the entire user session addressing IT issues proactively or, in the case of an emergency, in real time. This increases user satisfaction and productivity and dramatically reduces the number of service desk calls
  • No more image management. One image for each OS is all you need. The Scense client software will automatically create a fully functional workspace with all applicable applications and settings.
  • Self-service tooling – Today, you probably spend too much time in keeping the IT environment up and running. The Scense administrator tasks are converted into standard modules that can be delegated to any given employee to provide self-service support.
  • No more crashing applications and desktops. Scense Adaptive Installer will make sure that workspaces and applications remain stable.

Benefits for IT users

Work and play anywhere on any device

Every feature in our products has been implemented with a user centric focus. Scense Workspace management results in empowered end users but ultimate control remains in the hands of the IT department.

  • You are a person and your desktop should be personal. Scense will guarantee you a fully functional and personalized workspace with your applications, settings and data wherever you decide to logon.
  • Scense will give you the flexibility you need. You will be able to use your desktop and applications wherever you are: on your own desktop, on your colleague’s desktop, on your laptop or at home.
  • Scense will provide you with new applications fast. Applications you buy or request today will be available immediately. Time to Value is further shortened by our User Installed Apps functionality.
  • AppiXoft’s patented technology will ensure a stable workspace environment. Outside office hours, Scense will provide you with self-service tooling that will assist in solving some desktop problems.

Benefits for Healthcare

“Now we are able to guarantee close to 100% availability of ALL our medical applications.” – Hospital

Health Care organizations (HCOs) require integrated solutions that help enable better services and reduced costs throughout the healthcare field. By making information available when and where it’s needed, those solutions allow for superior decisions and practices at the point of care and beyond. Many of the administrative, financial and patient management workflows have been supported by IT systems for some time, and are being revisited and re-engineered for improving operational efficiency, increasing consumer convenience, improving the quality of care, generating and increasing revenue, and promoting patient safety.

The more Health Care organizations automate these enterprise workflows — successfully introduce software systems and associated user and medical devices — the more dependent they become on these critical systems. As the Health Care organizations are depending on these critical systems, the IT service levels must respond adequately to reflect this increased dependency.
Some of the major areas where Scense can reduce costs and improves the system reliability and availability, within Health Care organization are:

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Due to various regulations and requirements, HCOs have to deal with a large number of applications and ensure they can be used by the right people at the right time. Medical applications that in some cases are a nightmare to IT departments because of bad installers and application conflicts. Applications that rely on expensive hardware requirements to function properly and are therefore hard, if not impossible, to deploy with common desktop or application virtualization technologies. Scense however has no problem to guarantee access to these applications.

The combination of Scense Easy Delivery, Scense Adaptive Installer and Scense Session Control prepares, delivers and manages medical applications on demand and in real time. End users will get access to medical applications whenever needed, on any device and on any location in a way that is most effective for the application in play. Application conflicts are addressed on the fly and the users context is taken into account to guarantee a reliable, secure and user friendly application access.

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This is a common issue in hospitals and one of the most complex to solve. Medical doctors, nurses and other staff sharing the same workplace often use different applications and require different resources. This leads to system conflicts and malfunctions and, ultimately, to system unavailability. Scense supports workplace sharing whilst providing the right content for each employee.

Scense provides a platform, capable of maintaining multiple user profiles on one hardware device and eliminating any software incompatibilities. Applications can be distributed by location, user identity and/or time. This allows for transparent and secure software delivery. An extended feature is Scense Live Profiles, enabling employees to switch workstations swiftly and access their files and resources without consequences for global system availability or reliability.

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In contrast with regular corporate application environments, applications in hospitals need to be available on locations IT has no unlimited access to like operating rooms. Also, HCO’s are starting to allow medical personnel to use mobile devices like iPads and other tablets to access medical applications and information. Application access at home was is also important aspect because of medical doctors being on call. And last but not least, the request needs to be addressed to provide applications to public spaces within the hospital including the related security issues. All requirements that can easily be met by using Scense.

Scense’s architecture is not limited by the boundaries set by the HCO’s LAN. Resources are delivered to end users on any location and device via the Internet, even at public places or at home. The support of secure protocols and real time management capabilities (bases on the users context) guarantee a secure an reliable access to these resources. As an example, access to applications or information can be restricted to certain area’s or to devices that meet security standards.

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“Deciding to work with Scense was the most logical choice. Scense solutions have been developed on the premise that it solutions should be 100% user based”

The hospital’s IT department manages over 900 PCs, virtual desktops, laptops and tablet PCs, with 185 servers and approximately 200 applications. In the last few years, it has responded to calls for better patient care and increased efficiency, as well as the constant introduction of new medical treatments and techniques, by transforming itself from a problem solving function into a strategic asset.

The challenge of medical applications
Delivering applications within a medical institute is quite a challenge, as administrator Menno van den Heuvel explains: “IJsselland needs to deliver medical services 24x7 and procedures have to be in place that guarantee close to 100% uptime for all IT services.” If the hospital has to resort to paper-based backup, it means poorer quality care for patients and costs time and money, as information has to be digitized later.

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Benefits for Education

“In essence, Scense enables students and staff to get on doing what they do best: learning and teaching.” – University

Scense has been solving it challenges within educational institutions since the very start. Even a brief look at a university or school IT infrastructure shows that it management spends most of its time on daily maintenance rather than developing innovations or making system improvements, and the reasons are very clear.
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A well-known nightmare. New educational applications are introduced daily and have to be available at very short notice (“I need this now. My class starts tomorrow!”). They’re also notorious for breaking other applications during installation. Scense helps administrators prepare them for immediate use without the fear of unstable desktops.

All potential software incompatibility issues are eliminated by using Scense Adaptive Installer, our unique installation technology. There’s no need for application repackaging or other system adjustments – ever. Educational applications bought on Monday are available for students on Monday. Combine this with Scense’s in-depth integration with all common application virtualization techniques and classes need never be frustrated by broken applications.

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The relation between students, locations and educational applications is a fluid one. Classes shift location, students need access to applications anywhere, including home, at any time, including the middle of the night, classrooms may be used by private teachers out of hours. IT administrators have their work cut out dealing with such a challenging situation. Trailing from PC to PC to distribute applications in the old fashioned way is no longer an option. Nor is a software distribution system that only delivers applications to PCs. The Scense solution is to send the application to the end-user.

Scense delivers applications to end-users on demand. When an application is not yet available, it’s installed, streamed or activated on the workstation the end-user is working on at the time. By using Scense’s adaptive Installer or some application virtualization technique, Scense guarantees the stability of the desktop in use.

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End-users in educational institutions have grown up with IT and know exactly what it takes to get their work done. There’s no need to explain how to use the applications, they can figure that out for themselves. On the other hand, IT administrators must be in control, if they are going to deliver the required service levels, and they need a single tool to get this done without cramping the end-user. Scense helps the IT administrator to facilitate instead of dictate.

Scense is designed and developed with a single-minded ambition, to empower the user and retain control. Administrators can provide fully functional desktops to end-users while still delivering the agreed service levels. When desktops are managed in real time and users are empowered to solve IT problems themselves, the end-user remains productive with no limitations on functionality. Scense is ready for Generation Y and Z.

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Increasingly, IT management is called on to support staff and students’ own devices. The BYOC trend is driven by increased productivity, enhanced job satisfaction and cost-efficiency. Why spend money on new desktops when the necessary CPU cycles are already in the students’ backpacks? On the other hand, it’s a trend which most IT administrators resist. With Scense there’s no need.

The Scense client functionality runs on machines that are not managed by the administrator. Students can use educational applications and other IT resources on their own laptops or home PC’s, within the boundaries set by the IT department. Educational applications that should only run within the school’s perimeter simply won’t run outside.

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[nimbus_show_more label=”Mondriaan university creates a centralized workspace for 20,000 students” open=”false”]

“Last year, we needed to provision a new ROC Mondriaan building and we were looking at four days to complete the go-live. Using Scense User Workspace Management, the entire building was ready in one day.”

Peter Cornet and his team were wearing out the soles of their shoes managing the 7,000 endpoint estate to the ROC Mondriaan education institute in The Netherlands. Regular physical on-site interventions, manual imaging and provisioning, and other tasks meant this IT manager was almost overwhelmed by the constantly changing, high maintenance end-users and 450 applications. In response, ROC Mondriaan partnered with Scense B.V., one of the Netherlands’ fastest-growing providers of workspace management solutions. The Scense User Workspace Management solution eliminates complexity within the institute’s environment, by managing and delivering applications and desktops transparently together.

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Benefits for Government

“The public is better served and our employees enjoy more flexibility.” – Municipality

Like any public sector organisation, local government faces the ongoing challenge of providing quality services at minimal cost. The demands on them are pressing. Firstly, an increasingly sophisticated population wants to interact with local government departments electronically and expects easy access to information. Secondly, their own workforce needs computing systems that support data sharing and interoperability across departments. Finally, lean operating budgets make securing funds for new IT projects a constant battle. Limited resources demand close supervision and strong fiscal management to maximize efficiency, accountability and cost-effectiveness.
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Adopting new technology in such organizations is slow and inconsistent. The resulting ICT infrastructure can be an uneasy mixture of new and legacy systems, often so unresponsive to end-user demands that both service providers and receivers end up thoroughly frustrated. And it’s common knowledge that updating information or obtaining legal documents from local government is a lengthy business. Scense has such a significant presence in government organizations because we understand and address these challenges.

Scense’s workspace management platform takes onboard the difficulties of managing a local government IT infrastructure and the demands of the local community and addresses all the major IT administration challenges. It helps to streamline processes, increase efficiency, add new functionality to essential operational systems, provide the business support needed to comply with strict reporting and budgetary regulations and, last but not least, improve services to employees and customers.

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This is a common issue and one of the most complex to solve. Staff sharing the same workplace often use different applications and require different resources. This leads to system conflicts and malfunctions and, ultimately, to system unavailability. Scense supports workplace sharing whilst providing the right content for each employee.

Scense provides a platform, capable of maintaining multiple user profiles on one hardware device and eliminating any software incompatibilities. Applications can be distributed by location, user identity and/or time. This allows for transparent and secure software delivery. An extended feature is Scense Live Profiles, enabling employees to switch workstations swiftly and access their files and resources without consequences for global system availability or reliability.

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A plethora of regulations and requirements means that local governments have to deal with a large number of applications and ensure that they are available to the right people at the right time. The number of applications in use usually exceeds those in other organizations and the resources devoted to their management and support are excessive. Scense addresses this issue, decreasing the effort and costs involved in application management and support.

Scense provides the tools for extensive application management and support. Administrators can fine-tune numerous software aspects such as shortcut placement, file-type associations and installation settings through the patented session management tool. IT personnel can perform system alternations during the machine operation cycle, independently of the current user settings and without affecting the employee’s work in progress. Application re-packaging becomes a thing of the past and the cost savings in management and support are huge.

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There are never enough people with sufficient knowledge to provide adequate IT support. User-oriented software like Scense is extremely easy and simple to operate. Learning cycles are short and people feel comfortable with the product after one or two training sessions.

One of Scense’s main goals is to simplify desktop management and application delivery. All daily tasks are available in wizard oriented interfaces and ribbons. Scripting and packaging is a thing of the past. The user interface enables the management of hundreds of clients and workstations by just one or two administrators.

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Because of budget cuts or demands of increased service levels, local governments join forces and IT resources to meet these demands. The complexity of the IT infrastructure that results from such cooperation efforts may be extremely intricate and hard to manage, thus projects aiming at increased efficiency of resources end up as a burden. With Scense they shouldn’t.
Often such attempts result in an IT infrastructure that’s unnecessarily intricate and hard to manage.

Scense allows local government departments to co-operate for service delivery or work optimization. With Scense, IT management has a clear understanding of the IT infrastructure and a strong grip on its management. And real innovation becomes possible. Once Scense is installed, for example, migration to a virtualized desktop environment takes less than a day.

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“Our employees can use whatever desktop available and get their own profile, data and applications. At the same time the IT department has been able to increase their productivity. – City council of Lisse”

The local government of Lisse encompasses the village of Lisse and a hamlet called De Engel. Lisse is situated in the heart of the Netherlands’ western, industrialized region and is just a stone’s throw away from Schiphol Airport and major cities like Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and The Hague.

With some 150 government employees, the city council of Lisse committed itself to a better service for all of its inhabitants. Additionally the city council of Lisse wanted to improve the management of its internal IT services by offering its government employees the opportunity to work flexible hours. For years, the town has used its own application packages, which until now had to be installed on every PC or desktop locally. This complexity
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