As you may have noticed, our blogs are primarily aimed at inspiring, entertaining or even provoking our readers, and certainly not at showing off. We leave the exaltation up to others, preferably to those who know what they are talking about. However, while in the process of preparing this year’s fourth blog, it so happened that the latest edition of the UEM Smackdown was released. An opportunity that is simply too tough to pass up!

Although User Environment Management is considered a niche market, with no less than 140 pages the whitepaper obviously has a lot to tell. With no intention of wanting to pass judgement on which software suite is the best, the publishers limit themselves to comparing the various functionalities of the products offered by over ten vendors. Functionality categories range from user personalization and application access control to user rights management and application delivery. A first glance immediately shows that our Scense solution is one of the very few that cover at least 7 of 8 categories.


Zooming in ever further on the many derivative functionalities, while sparing you the details (and believe us: there are many!), there is an abundancy of green check marks showing underneath the Scense solution (meaning we provide the respective features). Green is beautiful, we love green! As of today, it is our favorite color! Anyway, Scense once again turns out to be one of the three most complete UEM solutions available! A remarkable achievement considering the fact that Appixoft is run by only a handful of people. Moreover, Scense is the only product involved that actually delivers applications.

None of the solutions under scrutiny cover all derivative features. That only makes sense. After all, a Mercedes that has no mini-bar is still a great vehicle right? It is features such as a powerful engine and great driving qualities that matter most. The same goes for EUM. Scense for instance, offers such major advantages in terms of cutting-edge software distribution. Unlike other suppliers, Scense provides for software to be actually installed.

Showdown, Smackdown… touchdown!

As in previous editions of the Smackdown, all vendors were allowed to write their own profile. Making incomplete or even false claims to impress potential users could be risky business. Convinced as we are about our high-end solution, we didn’t mince our words. Quoting from our own contribution:

“Scense contains many unique, innovative features that focus on user freedom, as well as control by and cost savings for the IT department. The new service oriented architecture of Scense extends the reach of these features outside the corporate network”

Nicely put, don’t you think? The beauty of it all is that after reading the whitepaper, these claims are proven right. Are we proud? You bet we are!

Download the whitepaper from PQR

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