Recently, we came across an exciting news fact on the internet. ‘Microsoft beats Apple in online tablet sales’, the headline read. Our hearts made a jump, a little one but a jump nonetheless. True, computers still find their way to their new owners in traditional ways too. But still.

Surface Pro range

Being critical and occasionally sceptical by nature, we decided to read on, only to find out that sales included tablet prices too. In items sold, Apple is still in the lead. Besides, the victory by Gates and friends, greatly owing to the successful introduction of the Surface and Surface Pro range, only related to one month. And Apple’s status as market leader will be undisputed for a long time to come. But still.

Virtual work environment

So why are we so excited? After all: we don’t own any shares in Microsoft and we certainly hold no grudge against Jobs and friends. On the contrary: Apple has made countless people, mainly consumers, happier people. However, being engaged in company IT, and workspace management in particular, the envisaged turnaround is music to our ears. More people taking a Microsoft tablet to work or college, or using it in a remote work environment, almost automatically means more people enjoying the many advantages of centrally managed flexible work empowerment.

‘Buy Your Own Device’

You may want to take this aspect into account in case you are considering buying your first tablet or replacing the old one. After all, you don’t want to limit your possibilities when Buying and Bringing Your Own Device. So let’s all give the alleged turnaround a little push and turn it into an established fact! That only makes Scense, doesn’t it?

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