Today Appixoft has release Scense 10 with interesting new features and enhancements.

You can download the software here.

These are the release notes:

New features

  • Main Feature: Software Metering & ReportingThe Report Viewer will allow for viewing the collected data in ready-to-print reports
    • Scense Software Metering & Reporting is a separate subsystem intended for collecting, consolidating, analyzing and rendering usage data from the Scense system.
  • Grouped CriteriaThe result of grouped criteria will be combined with the OR operator. There can be multiple groups for which the results will be combined with the AND operator
    • To allow for more complex criteria and scopes the grouping of criteria is now possible.
  • Named TaskSet
    • In order to conveniently invoke a Scense taskset from an external system a symbolic name can be assigned to a taskset. This symbolic name can then be used to identify the taskset instead of a GUID.
  • More preview windows
    • Now almost all Scense objects have a ‘preview’ showing the objects contents.
  • Support UPN for logon in Unmanaged Mode
    • The Scense Client allows the use of the User Principal Name (UPN) as a logon credential as an alternative to the domainuser notation.
  • OU Criterion
    • The native OU criterion will test whether or not a user or computer (or both) are organized in a specific OU in the Active Directory
  • Support SQL Server 2014 
    • Scense Setup will detect and support Microsoft SQL Server 2014.


  • App-V 4.x, Local Interaction, switchable per application
    • Some App-V 4.6 applications need the ‘local interaction’ facility to be switched on. Previously this facility could be switched on globally. Now it’s switchable per application.
  • Criteria Registry browser 64-bit view
    • The registry browser in Scense Explorer now shows the 64-bit view on 64-bit systems. This is convenient for administrators when they are editing criteria.
  • The default shortcut type should be ‘Enhanced’ instead of ‘Common’
    • The default setting for manually created shortcut actions was to create a ‘common shortcut’. This caused some confusion as administrators expected to create an ‘enhanced shortcut’.
  • Administrative Notes more prominent
    • Administrative notes will now be shown prominently in the preview window, so it’s easier for administrators to see if there are comments to take into account.
  • New Scense Execute Commands
    • We’ve added these new commands to the ScenseExecute language extension in scripting actions: RebuildFiletypes, ReconnectPrinters, ExecuteTaskset
  • Suppressing the FTA’s for applications is now default
    • Similarly to the shortcuts the File Type Associations are no suppressed by default.
  • ScensePing now set errorlevel on error
    • The ScensePing utility will return an errorlevel when it was unsuccessful. This makes it possible for external systems to check Scense Server availability.
  • Flush executive log before potentially lengthy operations
    • When a taskset was executed in which lengthy operations were started (like installations) the admin was unable to see in the Scense Exporer if the taskset was even started. Now Scense will flush the executive log to the server when certain operations are started. This can be helpful especially with so called ‘pre-install’ tasksets.
  • Site Parameters can override any other parameter
    • The order in which variables are resolved has slightly changed in Scense 10. Now the Site Parameters will always be checked first so that any variable (Scense variables, environment variables etc.) can be overridden by site parameters. This helps administrators to be in control when it comes to the resolving of critical variables.
  • Find related or conflicting network actions
    • Just like with Document actions, the Network action now also offers the ability to search for related and conflicting Network actions. This will make it easier to avoid problems with network drive-letter assignments.
  • More easily copy lines from the executive log window
    • Instead of exporting the entire executive log and then copying this one interesting line from it, administrators can now directly copy the selected line from the executive log window in Scense Explorer.
  • Refreshed look (Scense Explorer, Client, etc.)
    • We have applied a more flat, Windows 8 look and feel to the Scense Client and an Office 2013 look and feel to Scense Explorer.
  • Common Program to Application mapping
    • With the arrival of Software Metering there are now two systems that need to map a program to a Scense Application object. To make sure both systems can work together and individually we implemented a common Program to Application mapping.



  • The Scense system now requires the .NET Framework 4.0 (full) on both server and workstations.
  • Windows XP (32-bit) has entered the ‘extended support’ phase
  • Windows XP (64-bit) is no longer supported
  • Windows Vista is no longer supported
  • Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported


  • Fixed: Empty context menu in scope window
  • Fixed: Import FilterSet should show more informative error message
  • Fixed: On 64-bit an App-V 5 Connection Group is not deleted when a dependency is removed
  • Fixed: Package Wizard dependency message shows GUID instead of name
  • Fixed: Customization Settings for Application FTA’s are not exported
  • Fixed: Impossible to add a condition to an existing or copied FTA