Today Appixoft reaches a milestone with the launch of Scense 10

Appixoft, provider of IT management software, launches version 10 of their Workspace Management and Application Lifecycle solution Scense today. The new version will improve and introduce features such as: software metering, reporting and enable greater flexibility for software distribution,

“The launch of Scense 10 is a milestone for us.” Said Richard Kuiper, managing director at Appixoft. “The release of Scense 10 Appixoft shows our ongoing commitment to the development of Scense – the best solution for user virtualization, workspace and application lifecycle management.”

Scense is already a proven technology for businesses, universities, colleges, healthcare institutions and governments in several countries around the world. From a single integrated management environment, administrators can design and manage all aspects of the workspace including user-oriented application distribution, Scense 10 contains a number of new features and improvements that will better assist administrators in providing a standard workstation that gives the end user the feel of a tailored solution.

The new reporting feature in Scense 10 provides the administrator with more insight into the use of applications. Questions such as “Which applications aren’t being used?” and “Have we purchased enough licenses for this application?” can be answered quickly and easily. In addition to the new features and enhancements modern platforms like Windows 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014 are also fully supported. Scense 10 also operates smoothly on the Windows 10 versions that were made available through the Windows Insider program.

“2015 is a promising year for Appixoft.” Said Dennis van Eijk, managing director at Appixoft. “It’s great to see how our distributor and partner network implement our product, in the Netherlands, and abroad. Earlier this year we have welcomed a new customer in the US and the pipeline is growing every day.” Dennis continues: “In 2015 Appixoft continue to make development enhancements in order to be ready for various possible scenarios in the future.”

For more information look at or contact us or one of our partners. Scense 10 certification programs will also be launched soon. More information will be shared on the website.