Appixoft is happy to release this new Scense 8.2 update.

This update addresses a number of issues found in the software.
The 2610 build can be downloaded from our download area.

Here are the release notes for Scense 8.2 Build 2610:

  1.  Appixoft branding
    Appixoft is the new home of the Scense workspace management Suite,
    which is now noted in the software.
  2.  Option to connect printer without shell function
    The registry key:  HKeyCurrentUserSOFTWAREScenseClient,
    “ConnectPrinterWithoutShell” with a value of 1 will instruct Scense
    to not use the enhanced printer connection using the Windows shell.
    Although this might result into a lower success rate in connecting
    printers, it will avoid user interaction during unattended procedures.
  3.  Fix: APPV5 variable {ProgramFilesX64} not resolved
    Scense Easy Delivery is now able to resolve the App-V 5 variable
  4.  Fix: Wrong ApplicationVersion for App-V4
    A wrong App-V 4.x version number would cause problems when upgrading
    or reloading an App-V 4.x application.
  5.  Fix: uninstall/install with download.
    In an unmanaged situation an application installation will now also be
    downloaded when installing after an uninstall.
  6.  Fix: Live Profiles does not handle windows 8.1 wallpaper well
    Just like Windows 7 and 8, Windows 8.1 has yet another way of handling
    the desktop wallpaper, which is now supported by Live Profiles.
  7.  Fix: Long delay when checking domain membership
    Finding out whether a workstation is a domain member is no longer done
    using a network operation which caused long delays in some networks.
  8.  Fix: Generic application. Main installer not necessarily in root of install-dir
    In an unmanaged situation application installers are downloaded from
    a network location. for Generic applications the restriction of the main
    installer file to be in the root of this location has been lifted.
  9.  Fix: Scense Client would not automatically start in Unmanaged mode
    Despite the checkbox settings the Scense client would never automatically
    start and logon in unmanaged mode. This has been fixed.
  10. Fix: App-V 4.x applications would not always start after installation on faster systems
    The OSD caching mechanism of App-V 4.x prevented the starting of freshly
    loaded applications. Scense will now control the OSD caching properly.
  11. Fix: The IsVirtual variable did not accurately indicate a virtual system
    the IsVirtual variable would fail to produce a correct value in some
  12. Some other minor adjustments…

Best regards,
The Scense team