We are on the eve of a challenging year from a personal view and from an IT perspective. Economic and social developments in 2013 will again force us to look twice at our expenses, including the investments related to IT. Meanwhile the claim of the user organization for more freedom and service is more prominent than ever before. We will need to provide more services with fewer resources: a familiar sound?

Analyst reports tell us that the topics on most 2013 CIO agendas are making things even worse: Consumerization of IT, Software as a Service, Mobile and Context Aware Computing: complex topics that force us to reevaluate our existing IT environments. Thinking about these topics, we are almost tempted to think of a Windows migration as a walk in the park.

15321506-tablet-pc-computer-with-2013-happy-new-year-in-cloud-text-and-blue-sky-isolated-on-white-background-Meanwhile the IT market is telling you that paradigm shift in IT is imminent and you as an IT professional and IT organization should adapt. Your 2013 budgets are telling you otherwise. Who is telling the truth? You survived December 21th but how should you deal with 2013?

Speaking for ourselves, we look forward to 2013 because this is exactly what we like about IT: it is challenging, inspiring and is moving very fast.

We wish you and your loved ones a very successful year in your personal and your professional life. Of course we will assist you where possible during this challenging year with the release of next generation solutions to address your IT challenges in the way you are accustomed to: smart and effective.

Happy 2013!

The Scense Team